Thursday, June 11, 2009

What is hidden and what is shown?

It's like a modern day Garden of Delights by Bosch...with a pinch of David Salle thrown in for flaaavar...The arrangement is as if they were all in the same room for a spontaneous erotic party...the characters in the foreground seem to be having a good time partaking in a little spanky, spanky...and the green, ghost like outlined form (reference to David Salle) is eyeing the scene with precision...these participants are all at the same scale...smaller in proportion to the remaining picture plane...

The sitting figures in the background are giants in comparison, cut off from the foreground by the dark line created by the bottom of the sofa...the "shadow boy" in the middle is reading, unaffected by the humorous erotica happening in front of them...maybe these characters are play things for a land of giants? We do not see expressions from the adults in the room, so maybe they are watching intently, this odd sexual play by Hieronymus???

The Hidden by Vincent Hui is a successful narrative, conveying two separate scenes, connected by space...the unusual use of value and shadow enhances the narrative and builds the drama of this creative image...the play on scale divides the picture plane but because they all exist in the same room they are relating, even if by ignorance of presence...

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