Friday, September 7, 2012


For a sculpture class here at Miami Dade College, I was asked to do a lecture on my mixed media and installation works. Utilizing a current (maybe not so current) platform, I will attempt to showcase two pieces - "Dark As the Darkest Night" and "Studio Instillation 1."


This piece representing my personal history and the struggle of my family, living in coal mining country. A melding of the past and present as seen through my eyes, reminders of visiting my relatives in Kentucky: using the outhouse in the pitch black night, clothes out on the line, playing with pieces of coal and throwing them on the mountain.


Recently, I installed a solo-exhibition which included an installation of my actual studio. These elements were collected over several years and on my travels. The was is a visual representation of who I am and who I hope to become, my idols and inspirations. It also included a workspace and actual works in progress to show how art is made in my world. I included images of people to get a sense of the scale.