Thursday, January 7, 2010

Decoration stand

I really like the works where the figure becomes mutilated by decoration, as if the human form splits and color explodes from the waste...I want to see little or no remnants of the individual...these figurative/organic works use the leg shapes as stands for the mountain of objects and materials.

Faceless and ambiguous in structure, these pieces are visually interesting through contrasting color, texture and scale...some are delicate, some are cleaner in presentation with more similar objects adorning the armature...these beautiful works by Chicago artist, Nick Cave hit the visual and emotional sweet spot!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Animal subtleties

Traditional context in the Renaissance and Audubon tradition...the long, extended background space...low horizon line...a defining of a region to give clues into the central figures background and class...The exploration of animals in a scientific way, detailed and illustrated to articulate its visual genus, species and phylum.

The work of Walton Ford plays in these traditions but something darker is also present...the noble qualities are pushed aside for the more aggressive...the disharmony between species and the dominance of the turkey to the weaker, bird...taking advantage of its scale and weight...this relationship is subtle and represents only a small portion of the picture plane...this is purposeful and calculated.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Densely put

More and more intense patterns...they follow a landscape format and create areas of visual rest utilizing repetition of forms and large swaths of color...the amazing details in the collage work, each element carrying its own individual identity but connected through a conceptual and visual relationship.

The idea of proximity and human manipulation plays out in these works by Simmons & Burke...I once read, "we must take a closer look at works by artists who have invested their entire life exploring ideas." I think about this when I see stretched conceptual relationships. The "whys" of the work, there must be reasons for these choices, experience has taken over to create something unique and full of possibilities.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Soft and light

Unique combinations of repetitive forms and relationships, the work by Bruce Conner...soft and layered, using shadow and objects to carry the eye around the picture plane and provide contrast to the white ground...objective and recognizable imagery combined with monochromatic shapes and texture tie this beautiful collage piece together.

The Christ and crucifix are separated and pulled apart...Jesus balancing on the wire...segmented, narrow, long rectangle on the top and large vertical rectangle on the bottom create individual segments of interest...these areas have their own dynamic, but are interesting in total...the artist breaks the picture plane with texture and fabric...flowing down the sides and softening the hard edges of the picture plane.