Friday, June 12, 2009

Andy, do my feet stink?

Two pop icons, side by side...multiple Andys in the background, looking skeptical at the nude and vivacious your feet really stink Marilyn? I am dead and cannot answer that question, but if I COULD....I would definitely, comment on such a thing, he is Andy Warhol, the artist who reflects almost exclusively on the mundane...

I like the wallpaper like quality of the Andys...much like the cow and Mao wallpaper of the past...Lindsey Kuhn does a great job of capturing the conceptual spirit of the pop movement...Marilyn is graphical in nature, commercial in application, yet her foreshortened body is so Renaissance! And the feet in our face like an exaggerated Mantegna painting of the dead Christ...her blue skin, glowing like a comical, re-treaded, vintage Star Trek beautiful and smelly!

The placement of the figure, off to the right and balanced by the hard edges of the square portraits...this piece has the heart of the pop movement and ironic soul of the cynical now...

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