Friday, November 13, 2009

Her stillness

Beautiful striations juxtaposed against the smooth texture of a nude female form...the light swept motion of the water to the right of the figure and the shape created by the lightest lights against the darkest combination with the glance to the right, how much activity and form must be on the left to counter that extreme value contrast?

In this photograph by Sally Mann we see the weight required to move the eye over and reconcile the asymmetry to put all in visual balance...the figures legs and torso are off from the center with the dark left side visually forcing the eye away from the lower right corner, to the hands, up the left side, around the head and back again...but what is most seductive, those gentle wisps of value, liquid and out of focus moving all around the stillness of her.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The organic possibility

The kinetic possibility of this image by P. Pott Scarsons...visually the potential of this falling tree limb, the parts and referencing whole trees in the bottom...the figure in the lower right, moving away from the approaching organic shape...but there is something beautiful about the bright sun and the black, sharp edged tree.

Balance between the open white and gray sky against the black topscape at the bottom of the picture plane...the angle of the falling tree, pushing the eye to the right and connecting to that running figure, contrasting visually, the tops of the trees that are straight up and countered by the lightest shape in the sky...moving and balanced asymmetry.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cloudy with a chance of evil

Those artists that choose to utilize the frame as part of the piece should take a formal lesson from this work by Jeremy Fish...Beyond the conceptual connection between the head with the open mouth showing us a vignette inside, those billowy, cloud shapes in the hair around the mouth tie in nicely with those same cloud forms in the foreground of the painting.

I also really like the visual of an animal, in a very direct way, using garbage as a tool...implying a level of competence and evolution...they may not be the intention, but the piece allows for a significant amount of the reading into it...these stylized, monochromatic, painted images play in harmony with the frame, the contrast comes in the concept, calm, serene and at the same time sinister and dark.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Electrified environment

Disorienting work by Scott Anderson, this piece plays on our natural instinct to upright elements...especially the human form...segmented into different zones, lines and shapes cross and flow through the sections to tie the zones together....

The piece moves quickly due to the strong vertical lines contrasting against the large human figure horizontal and other shapes in space...the feeling is of a futuristic landscape, an environment that has yet to be defined...we as the viewer attempt to conclude an outcome, with minimal clues...there are other figures in the space at a smaller scale, leading the eye back into this world, they are key in extending the environment and visually making us feel that there is more to see behind the central figure.