Friday, October 16, 2009

Repetiition and repose

It's all in the placement...Philip Pearlstein has made his life work an exploration on the figure, but the environment is what really matters in his work...often the central form seems secondary to the activity in the background...a balance between the monochromatic female form and the intense color and pattern of the rugs, wallpaper and props.

Also essential is the cropping of the figure, there is a feeling of incompleteness, the head cut right above the mouth...the face removed from consideration so we concentrate on the figure as this work there is also the repetition of the leg in the drawing, mirrored in pose to the more complete painted central character.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nature verses Wo(man)

Amy Stein takes on the issue of environment and the human population encroaching on animal territory...this piece is a great dialogue between wo(man) and bear...standing very still...eye to eye...

The balanced composition between the blues of the pool and bathing suite in contrast to the large black form of the standing bear...the fence separating the two, provides visual separation...the kinetic potential of the bears power to break through and attack...a western stand off, strong visual verticals contrast horizontals in the fence, house and diving board.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not THE wooden arc

Wooden masterpieces inspired by movies and contemporary culture...this Arc of the covenant is done by Mike Rea...a copy of the original Arc from the popular, Indiana Jones movie is brought to life.

Humor and whimsy play a large role in the works, pushing what we think that can be done through wood as a material...some of his works are large scale, others are incredibly this work the pattern and the repetitive elements create a visually stimulating piece...we take in the full context, the smoke and lights enhance the drama of the out of place, wood media.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love you, lips

I really love jewelry by Salvador Dali, this Ruby Lips brooch is a great example of an innovative piece in its time of creation...formally, the flow of the lips, asymmetrical with blood red in rubies...teeth of pearls, not lined up, not natural, but visually better than the "norm."

The way the gems are set, the gold prong settings move they eye all around...a decadent exploration of a simple image...before Damien Hirst created his diamond encrusted skull, Dali created several pieces of beauty and challenging design.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Designed upside down

The way Lennard Schuurmans using space here is very appealing has a narrative feel, elements, representational and decorative/abstract are combined to create the foreground...the background is open and stained with marks...this unusual landscape plays with objective, understood forms - animals, plywood and nails, turning these ideas metaphorically and literally upside down to trick us visually.

The piece stretches our imagination of landscape...we are easily deceived because we have been trained to believe what we see as fact...artists can play with us, most are immature and naive to what visual language really means...but you cannot blame the student for what the teacher cannot explain...the design is colorful and has movement and contrast...the flowing of the water up into the picture plane, the cracks in the ground and the rolling of the pink amoeba...well crafted formally.