Monday, June 8, 2009

St. Bozo Assemblage

This symmetrical composition is in the context of traditional, religious works...where there is a strong, dominant figurative element in the middle...there is something interesting visual and conceptual here in this artistic act of re-constitution...taking the familiar and putting it back together in an unusual, sophisticated can take the ordinary and transform it into something deeper and unique...running parallel to the idea of the alchemist, the magician who transforms everyday metals into gold, making the resulting product precious...

St. Bozo by Nick Bubush, pinches us into the center through concentrated color, the neutrals reside on the outside, like two slices of bread surrounding a luscious, religious "peace" of a viewer I want to reach out and play with all the parts, turning and twisting them to experience something active participant on a religious journey...a comical and tongue-in-cheek experience, but who says humor cannot be spiritual???

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