Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Graphical balance

Movement from left to right...the fist moving in on the viewer and the tooth moving away, out of the picture plane...These two white objects come together conceptually, as human components and visually, as black, white and gray cut out objects...The black stripe, of a specific scale, placed in the the bottom third of the vertical picture plane...not in the center, but forcing the artist to balance the asymmetry...the black splits the blue background and images residing on top of the surface...this piece is very graphic, with simple line work and minimal color...

Minimal value and a clean background with little variation creates a commercial feel, referencing historically the graphics genre...I enjoy the simplicity of the overall composition - red, blue, white, black and grays are the only colors, tints and tones...each color and value is repeated above and below the line, in different scale, unique form and with marks made in variation...each side of the black line has elements referencing and connecting to each in balance

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