Friday, October 23, 2009

Four legs on the floor

Leg to leg , back to back...those things focused on are obsessively sexual...the mirror is another opportunity to see the reflection of that obsession...layered intensity...visually, the placement of the feet and legs are angled and asymmetrical, contrasting the organic, voluptuous nature of the individual body segments.

We connect the parts to make a whole individual, continually trying to reconcile the un-balanced and a figure that is incomplete...The introduction of some clothing elements moves the abstract into form into reality, further blurring the line between visual worlds...there is also something dark in Hans Bellmer's work, the environment and forms are aged and not commercial.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dress in figures

More flowing lines and concentrated areas of line work, focusing the eye around the picture plane...the female form is explored again in segments...wood planks add an element of contrast, geometric lines moving back in space, running under the organic line work.

Varied texture and movement carries the viewer around the space...grounded by the active line work in the lower section of the drawing, this activity is count-balanced by the open white areas in the upper half of the rectangle...The line work is sensual, the dress follows her form and moves beyond the illustrative to the beautiful.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Negative masculine influence

A bent and broken female form, damaged...fallen and integrated into the contrasting geometry of a chair...the human parts are a departure from the illustrative, they move beyond into the visual world. Hans Bellmer makes an effort to enhance the form for expressive purposes..

This piece pushes the contrasting elements, those flowing organic female components are now combined with man made parts...a possible commentary on the imposition of the masculine and how it negatively influences the way this women could function in the plastic world.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dark openings

A strange sexual world Hans Bellmer explores in his amazing drafts person, he pushes the limits of the obscene, seducing the viewer with beautiful drawings and dark, hidden subject matters...

Similar to the doll like female forms, the drawing is made up of parts, unified in an unusual and provocative way, the composition is asymmetrical and flows organically from the foreground to the background, between the three first glance it seems that the female face's eye is damaged, looking at it again, the viewer notices something more explicit...possibly playing off of the idea that eyes are the windows to the soul, the opening becomes a window to something pleasurable and uncontrollable.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Her face was like a doll's

An exploration of the female form and those things flowing and organic...the work of Hans Bellmer is unique and influential to many contemporary artists...the photographer, Cindy Sherman as an example...the doll like forms have an odd feel to them, an search for something sexual and explicit..the parts are incomplete and partially dressed, amplifying the feeling of the indecent.

His works have minimal color, focusing on the relationship between the organic shape and its contrast to the hard surface of the ground...the neck is incidental, the head is fallen and bent into her chest, a mask, a surface, a lost soul...the limbs do not combine naturally, they lay on top of one another or they crowd, tightly, providing a visual sense of claustrophobia.