Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Revealed and hidden

A portrait by the Clayton Brothers, some realistic elements combined with abstracted lines and shapes...a man caught between worlds...these abstracted forms push the piece conceptually into the emotional world...logic doesn't play into the deciphering of the piece. We cannot identify the meaning behind the line work coming from the eye by simple deduction; balanced by the black, totemic form to the must use their emotional intelligent to feel their way through the piece.

More clues are provided in the medication, apple and bottle of Pepto-Bismol...the frenetic line work possible combining conceptually with these clues to sharpen the focus on meaning. The reality is we bring our baggage along for the ride. It is difficult to place our experience aside when formulating meaning. A separation is required, what did the artist mean and/or what do they want us to know about this man?

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