Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Floating in a sea of blue

A modern portrait in the digital age, combining the geometries in the cubistic spirit with the simplistic graphical context. "Lil Michael" by Khalif Kelly moves portrait into the 21st Century with a floating head and squared eye-lids, forehead and nose...like a pix-elated form in an 80's computer, things were simpler...

Colors are distributed around the picture plane, yellow stripe below the forehead, highlights on the eye lids and nose...purple rectilinear shapes in the hair, eye lids and mouth...these elements tying the piece together...the face's expression is absent of clear emotion, with long hair, sk8tr boi', visual slang and informal. A pop portrait for today.


  1. Did you paint this? The lips are very strange indeed.

  2. Oops just saw the artist's name...