Thursday, September 3, 2009

Modern times require Renaissance attitudes

Go back in time, Flemish masters: Van der Weyden, Robert Campin, Jan Van Eyck...the doll like faces and hands, symbolically set in Pius motion...the Madonna, built up for the viewer to aspire...these works depart from the classical in subject matter alone, taking the portrait into a new, highly charged arena...this piece by Amy Hill of a woman with lollipop combines the modern with the Renaissance in an interesting way...

Strong warm color schemes in the foreground pushes the portrait forward, cool sky in the background visually moves the space back, creating an elongated, deep landscape...much like the Renaissance portrait, the landscape was meant to capture the village or town of the individual. She is part of an urban culture, her dress, hair and object in her hand are all clues to this person's status in society. The fine layers of paint, minimal visible brushwork and stylized features take us back to a time of new beginnings, is this piece alluding to what was or what could be?

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