Friday, September 4, 2009

Parallel meanings

I often wonder in my own work, how much can you deconstruct an image before the image is no longer the essence of the original work...the way things are aged and broken down into its basic components...I enjoy visually when the parts are more important than the whole...the piece in its entirety whispers faintly a meaning...this work by Marc Bell, utilizes areas of pattern and muted color variation...articulating sections of activity...these parts assembled together to form a portrait....

The line work has a graphical quality with limited shadow and modeling...areas of flat color, set aside for text and description...this work doesn't try to use language to define the piece, but create a dialogue running parallel in meaning to the visual language...taking the viewer on a journey and allowing the viewer to inject personal histories...these are the best kinds of works, art that ages well with time.

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