Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Model building is not just for geeks anymore

Could you put this killer Nuclear Mosquito robot together??? I think not! This intricate and creative schematic is the work of Abu Bakarr Mansaray...the spaces he constructs seem planned and purposeful, parts of a greater whole...but, I can't help see the decorative qualities in these drawings...additional works are schema for a variety of mechanical beings...these may be the graphical version of Leonardo's technological sketches...if IBM white papers hit a Renaissance master in the back of the head....

The darker version of what technology can do is a running theme in Abu's work...conceptually they cover similar, common contemporary ideas we are confronted with in movies and television shows...formally, there is a main object or character and a supporting cast, each fitting together in a conceptual and visual way...marks run into each other, overlap and connect...filling the entire picture plane...complete with dialogue and directions for our amusement and reflection.

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