Friday, July 24, 2009

Lathered in laughter

An bizarre arrangement of oddities, like a Mr. Potato Head gone wrong, this photograph by Swiss artist, Olaf Breuning, is a shock to our forces us into visual relationships we thought were not possible...he adds found objects and constructed elements to the figure that we would not expect, but the structure is very similar to how it would exist in reality...those cucumber fingers and the exaggerated hair and yellow ears...We think we have figured it out and then there is another twist in the narrative.

Other expected figurative elements have been removed...absorbed into a conceptual space, where they are no longer necessary...there is a juxtaposition of formal verses informal - the pose, the backdrop against storage below the table and the decorative elements on the figure...a feeling of rigidity, lathered in laughter...Olaf plays with texture and color, pushing us into stranger relationships...can we digest it all?

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