Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A natural cube

A tenuous alliance between the natural and the man made...visually controlling the space and holding steady that fragile relationship in a man made geometry...The section of grass with a sign...a piece of suburbia, chopped up and placed in contrast to an ocean predator, the hammerhead shark...there is no possibility this large creature can exist in the small square of water...yet it is there...the tail and the post is broken, bent by the surface and right angle of the contained ocean...

The slant of the sign pushes the eye down to the green grass and up to the shark...the fragmented post around the corner reinforces this upward thrust...the point of the caution symbol is precariously positioned at the soft underbelly of this dangerous creature...reinforcing the possibility of bad things to come...This piece by Josh Keyes makes us feel uncomfortable, fearful, uncertain, upside-down and questioning...how do we make this relationship work?

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