Thursday, July 30, 2009

Decorative and agressive

The definition of object and atmosphere is blurred in this skilled work by artist Jesse Reno...the mythological man/animal forms happen often in his works, they have a beautiful, decorative quality to them, which carries into the background...this complex, sweet, simple world with a dark, twisted figure...the face is broken, bruised...maybe just happy to be fixed in a space for a moment...I like that this animal form rests on a circular grounds the form but increases the complexity of the picture plane...The space is tight, with the animal form in the foreground, a muted middle ground containing tinted pastel colors with an enveloped head with two sets of arms and finally, a dark backdrop the references the beginning...the round, red pad, the monster walks on...

Jesse's use of texture and automatic drawing is interesting and decorative; it makes a nice contrast to the more visually aggressive faces...the body of the main character references these decorative qualities through repetition of flowers and stars/asterisks. The mark making is consistent, stylistically tying all the forms together into one frenetic picture plane.

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