Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Automatic Kentridge

William Kentridge's drawings are beautifully executed and welll done...he is an artist that knows how to draw well...the way that he allows the charcoal to be what it needs to be, it is such a perfect union of Kentridge's skills with the qualities of the materials...It is loose and diverse in it's mark making...

He uses mostly black and erased marks, exposing the paper...with color spread in small but strategic areas, the color emphasizes those conceptual elements that carry the narrative, but also to move the eye around the picture plane and effectively unifies the composition...

Fluidity and sequence are the keys to the animations of William Kentridge...attached is a link to on of his animated drawings. They are not conventional animations, like children's cartoons, but are truly artistic, incredible displays of skill and emotion. See the attached link below that shows an example of his amazing work.


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