Monday, August 3, 2009

Sizing it all up

In the same vein as sculpture by super realist Duane Hanson, Ron Mueck takes it another direction and arguably a step further by including strong emotional content to the individuals he chooses as subject matters...these figures are not passive, existing along side their "live" counter-parts, but looking for active engagement with their audience...this work the Hirshorn in Washington, DC, is carefully placed in a corner, starring at us a we take images, stare and converse about his vulnerability, relevance and proportion....

Scale is also a dominant theme in his work, playing with our visual sensibilities...this piece is larger than life, a giant amongst a race of little men...the figure is handled incredibly well, with close attention paid to detail on anatomy and flesh...size does matter in this piece, combined with the mood of the male figure, the viewer cannot help but feel uneasy in the presence of someone who seems disturbed...if he were to get up, how could you get away???

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