Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marmite as Contour Line Drawing

Okay, follow me on's a little out there, but this image is interesting and possibly, "visually fulfilling" on several have to appreciate the designers pushing of material possibilities (even though it may be digitally enhanced), this material forces the artist to contend with continuous contour line, flowing from the bottle...these kinds of marks are appealing and energetic because of their spontaneity...there is a balancing act going on visually, between the active mark making on the left hand side, the open space to the right and the colorful, three-dimensional form in the lower right hand corner...the "product."

Conceptually, I couldn't help myself...looking for more bullfighting references...the idea of "thematic connections" changes the context of a one image format...moving the daily posts into an exploration of implied, related that can be looked at juxtaposed, one against the other...confronting the viewer with relationships inside the picture plane and outside the borders...I am ever more amused by the spaces between these rigid borders...I often play in this archaic space...

As a design, the point is made...not a fan of either, the Mermite or the bullfighting, but isn't that what makes the world a place worth living in? Who wants a black and white world? I prefer brown, messy and uncontrollable! Wet too!

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