Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Evidence of a happening

"This anti-bullfighting protest took place in Las Ventas, Spain because there are a large number of bullfighting events taking place there." Source -

A happening, is an event with symbolic and visual meaning...these individuals have used visual language to convey meaning...the remaining artifact is the image, video and/or audio...these documents only hint at the actual event...on the continued theme of bull fighting I thought this was an interesting counter point to the more direct paintings of earlier in the week...

The rhythmical and decorative nature of the black, red and flesh...from a distance, the physical structures organically flow into each other...they could be an abstract painting, a piece of carpet or fabric...not the ideal conceptually, but why not? Pushing the boundaries of fear...what makes it a pattern is the repetition, the overall distribution of color, line, shape, shadow and scale...

Now the issue of documentation...these images are removed from the premises, taken artfully, but not a "total "re-presentation of the happening...the photos can only be a "RE"of the event, re-enactment, re-imagine...the protest is over...spread out amongst the collective memories of the participants and on-lookers...the artifact exists on its own, for its own sake...and what of their value? Value to the protesters? Artists? Organization? Industry? Culture?

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