Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The expulsion or explosion?

Adam and Eve were expelled from the a chaotic, confusing city...the overall rhythm of this piece by Keith Tyson is layered and complex...if Jackson Pollack could drip type, he might have created something similar...the obvious, representational objects act as a visual oasis...allowing the viewer to grasp onto something familiar...they also carry us around the picture plane so we take advantage of all its congestion...

Many artists are working in this saturated, commercial way...using the metaphor of television, denture creme adds running side-by-side to the latest murder and war footage...this piece speaks beyond these coincidences...the forms move smartly and cohesively through the picture plane, repetition to the point of meanings annihilation...the format is convincing and the forms push the viewer's knowledge of art history and visual language.

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