Thursday, July 9, 2009

I need to spin you

An object of beauty and allure...the top that might spin, but could break apart if you try...the potential for function...kinetically balanced in a space between the desire to see what could happen and the fear of loosing it all...something so unusual and you risk it????

This small scale sculpture by Maria Carra Rose is a great example the tearing down and re-configuring the Oldenburg, but in a precious way, unto itself...decorative...Oldenburg, through scale made the everyday important and significant, he used different materials to create an allusion, but make us think differently about the mundane...this sculpture utilizes the decorative and also plays with our senses through the contrast between luxurious materials...this is a unique piece for Maria, but I find it so successful...The color treatment is natural and contained within the believable, it doesn't try to be something it is stays within the natural world...

A clean and well crafted piece...I cannot help but want it...and isn't that really one of the main lynch-pins in quality art? The obsession of needing it all to ourselves?

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