Friday, July 3, 2009

Do you remember November?

Documentation of what our day is like..."flooding," "lost my way," "North Korea nuclear calamity" this piece by Martin Wilner has an Agnes Martin in the language, the mark, the box, the value...a gradation of rhythmical exploration of November 2006 and all that it entailed...sometimes I really appreciate the simplistic and how much information something so clean can provide...

The short bursts of commentary provide insight into the perception of those we choose to explain our day can be just as significant as the stories themselves...what do you eliminate from the conversation? Depending on who you are telling the story too, what is our tone and level of humor? There is also information to be learned in the way the words are penned or drawn...beautiful and styled for our eye's enjoyment...our doodles seem to matter here...


  1. "What do you eliminate from the conversation?" .. Indeed verbal editing is a skill. An art really, lost on many people. I believe every human being on this planet has their own unique language, which would mean there are BILLIONS of languages on this planet. What a beautiful challenge it is to assess in the moment who you're talking to, access your multilingual skills, and edit appropriately.

    Jake Colton see our Running on HeART videos on the events page