Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A bang with the works

One of the more unusual ways to create a seeing images of these being created, Rosemarie Fiore uses fireworks in concentration to make these concentric circles and worm like is possible to categorize this as gimmick painting, but the end result is so interesting...layered and dense with information...sometimes the end justifies the means...

This piece specifically, Firework Drawing #23, has a nice blend of burn and neutrals with lurid an abstract piece, this is visually successful with loud color balls bouncing and flowing around the picture reminds me of how Pollack tried to control the drips...the spontaneity of the burn marks and colored scorches creates a visual explosion...I think that is another aspect that draws me to this work - conceptually, there is a close tie between the material and the mark doesn't try to be something it's not...this is a testament to the artist and her desire to stay true to the work...

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  1. This is much better. Thanks for posting it. Would like to see more of this artist's work. This picture works better vertically.