Friday, June 19, 2009

The Cure for the visual blues

Some funky, band posters really catch my eye visually...The works of Michael Michael Motorcycle, are fun and well done visually...there is a mood to the work, the way the figure and animals are drawn, the whimsy of the font and the color usage...hearkening back to the 60's and 70's psychedelic posters of bands like Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane...

The head of the figure (Robert Smith) is up from the direct center with the animal forms radiating from him...there are images behind the figure and behind the figure to increase the depth of field and increase interest in the picture plane...I also really like the edges of the image field...they break into the white border in a variety of ways, organic lines, spirals, dome shapes and with parts of the animals...color usage is also effective and spread throughout the picture plane, carrying the viewer's eye throughout the picture plane...the strong complimentary color scheme adds to the whimsy and intensity of the overall image...I am cured!

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