Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dominos Up-cycle Project Statement

The creative process for these pieces was a unique experience for me. I have always worked with found objects and recycled materials, but never on such a grand scale. My goal was to use as little external materials as possible and concentrate on transforming the up-cycled materials provided by Dominos. I was given the following: pizza boxes, stickers, work shirts and wrappers for sandwiches. 
It was important to create imagery that followed my interests and was consistent with my aesthetics as an artist. This meant transforming commercial materials into my creative obsessions: butterflies, caterpillars, icons, reliquaries and the human figure. It was also important to connect these obsessions with the essence of the product and materials. I didn’t want the transformation to be so complete that the character of the Dominos items and brand were lost. This was achieved by retaining the original shape of the boxes in some of the series. The “circle” was a common thread/theme in the works. The circular image is symbolic and relatable on several levels: pizza form, Dominos logo, pepperoni (my favorite topping!). The circle is also symbolic in a bigger way, a never-ending line and infinite possibilities.
The colors, shapes, symbols and format create an overall decorative feeling. The gold and arch shape is meant to symbolize preciousness and importance. I used contrasting, bright colors in combination with the gold and black to create interest and heighten the visual experience. The works look great in shadow box format, a standard frame or on a plain pedestal.  This allows the artwork to take center stage!

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