Monday, October 12, 2009

Designed upside down

The way Lennard Schuurmans using space here is very appealing has a narrative feel, elements, representational and decorative/abstract are combined to create the foreground...the background is open and stained with marks...this unusual landscape plays with objective, understood forms - animals, plywood and nails, turning these ideas metaphorically and literally upside down to trick us visually.

The piece stretches our imagination of landscape...we are easily deceived because we have been trained to believe what we see as fact...artists can play with us, most are immature and naive to what visual language really means...but you cannot blame the student for what the teacher cannot explain...the design is colorful and has movement and contrast...the flowing of the water up into the picture plane, the cracks in the ground and the rolling of the pink amoeba...well crafted formally.

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