Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taking a stand

Another nice image/poster by Shepard Fairey...the pixil-ated surface is commercial in nature because of digital imagery and reproduction, what separates these images, in my mind are the simple details...elements that move slightly away from the glitz...the off white backdrop, instead of the clean and sterile white margins...the loss of visual information, it is not necessary to complete the image in a glossy way (in line with Warhol's silk screen portraits) and the over spray and looseness of the exterior line quality...these visual suggestions tie back to street art.
He does a good job of making the noncommercial, commercial which I feel many creative individuals miss, DON'T compromise on the work to be more commercially viable, but utilize the marketing and commercial tools to take what you do and get it out's a numbers game, if you want to be successful you have to knock on more doors and get your images out this way Mr. Fairey is dominant in the market place.

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