Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I see inside you

Building on traditional glass forms, this work by Washington DC artist Tim Tate, moves the medium in alternative directions...a play on interior verses exterior...contained and precious this piece utilizes color (black/yellow) and moving video to move the viewer from the outside to the inside. There is a sense of confinement as a participant, you feel like you go inside the jar and reside there for the experience...depending on how engrossed we are in the video, it can provide a virtual claustrophobic experience.

Like the ship in the bottle, we wonder, how did this all happen? The video portion can happen with sound or without...the scaled down electronic components are visually in the background to the simple bluish, translucent moving images...he has a mastery of material and builds on formal and historical relationships to create a world that is simple and new.

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