Monday, September 14, 2009

They stole more than the guys shoes!

I appreciate artists who can be whimsical, both in their concept and in the materials they choose...this sculptural work by Don Porcella has both of those qualities...a severed foot made of pipe cleaners is both humorous and tragic...dripping with blood, is this some boy who has had more than just his shoe stolen? Or could it be a tragic accident?

The traditional craft materials, disarms the viewer and makes us go back to a time when we were young...playing carefree...artists can play on those original feelings...take the good emotional context and stretch out the possibilities that can occur in those spaces...force the viewer to confront a different outcome, darker places...the tactical quality and the red on red is also exciting visually, another attempt to attract us and pull us into a world we would rather not confront.

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