Thursday, October 1, 2009

The pretty vessel

The Reliquary has been great influence on my object making...the context is used and amended through out my career...There is something macabre about the idea of bones and body parts being housed in an elaborate container...they also feed nicely into my obsession with decorative arts...the skill needed to make these are amazing...they are certainly beautiful pieces of the context becomes a vehicle to create familiarity and comfort...the jeweled surfaces and decorative elements draw the viewer in and the details hold them in place...I like to take it to a deeper level and enhance the overall work by changes in the form and concept...moving the pretty into areas more sinister, building on the macabre true nature of these vessels...the viewer is paralyzed by the containers sparkle and forced to deal with what is really inside...the house is burning, but we are too enthralled by the pretty flames to leave...

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